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You must be registered and logged in as a member of before placing your pin.
You can register by clicking on this link:
Or you can click on the "Register" link in the upper left of every page.

Just to clarify, simplly redirects to So they're essentially the same site

A note regarding the location "lookup" on the reservation map...

If the lookup returns an error message that says "Coordinates not found for address."...
hit your back button, make sure the color of your pin is correct and click the "lookup" button again.
For some reason it sometimes takes two attempts for the Google API to look up the locations successfully.

You might also try changing the location's wording around a bit.
Such as abbreviations, no abbreviations, city and state/province only, city, state/province and country, etc.

I believe it may have something to do with using City and State/Province and/or Country without a street address  in lookups.

Occasionally when you get the error message and hit your back button this will happen...
The color of the pin will turn to green by default even though the box will retain your correct status (either "No Reservation yet" or "Solo Received").
If that happens the pin will not change back to red or yellow when you click on your correct status that's still showing in the drop-down box.
In other words, when that happens, the pin color and status will be miss-matched and you'll have to reset them to match.

To match them back up, simply click on either of the status' that are not currently selected...
And then click on your originally selected correct status again. The pin icon should correctly turn either red or yellow at that point.

The great thing about the map is that your pin is secure once placed. No-one can modify it but you.
Also, the map does not disclose your exact location and when clicked, it identifies you by "username" and avitar only.

If you still have problems after trying these work-arounds, contact me and I'll enable you to get on the map ASAP.

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