February 2019 Newsletter
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Just a short one this time, but they're teasing us with big news later in the week! Here it is:

We’ll have a major FUV reveal later this week, but first, if you’re interested in free money, saving the planet, and you live in the state of Oregon, do we have a story for you.

Thanks to the intrepid and forward-thinking lawmakers of the Oregon Legislative Assembly, three-wheeled battery electric vehicles now qualify for the Oregon Electric Vehicle Program.

That means that all Oregonians now qualify for $2,500 off the purchase of an FUV. In a word, score!

But wait... There’s more!

If you’re a low or moderate income Oregonian, you can take an additional $2,500 off with the Charge Ahead rebate, for a total of $5,000 off in rebates. Throw in estimated gas savings and that’s an absolute steal.

To see if you quality, check out the Income Calculator here.

We’re working with state legislators around the country to add even more tax incentives for the FUV, and to remove any requirements for helmets or motorcycle endorsements. We’ll keep you abreast as we continue to make progress.

Until next time, this has been the Arcimoto newsletter, your semi-regular guide to EV legislation and human progress.

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